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Ruth Murdoch Elementary School follows the curriculum according to the North American Division for SDA schools.  For information on classroom curriculum, please visit our Classrooms.


North American Division Guidelines

The curriculum guidelines adopted by Ruth Murdoch Elementary school were developed by the Office of Education, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists to provide a uniform course of study in Seventh-day Adventist schools throughout North America. They represent a philosophy of wholistic education which promotes the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development of children.

Goals for the Curriculum in Seventh-day Adventist Schools:

  1. Acceptance of God

    Surrender one's whole life to God; develop a relationship with Jesus Christ; and allow the Holy Spirit to work in one's life.

  2. Commitment to the Church

    Desire to know, live, and share the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  3. Family & Interpersonal Relationships

    Develop a sense of self-worth, skills in interpersonal relationships, an understanding of the responsibilities of family membership, and the ability to respond with sensitivity to the needs of others.

  4. Responsible Citizenship

    Develop an understanding of cultural and historical heritages, affirm a belief in the dignity and worth of others, and accept responsibility for one's local, national, and global environments.

  5. Healthy Balanced Living

    Accept personal responsibility for achieving and maintaining optimum physical, mental, and spiritual health.

  6. Intellectual Development

    Adopt a systematic, logical, and biblically-based approach to decision-making and problem-solving when applied to a developing body of knowledge.

  7. Communication Skills

    Recognize the importance of effective communication and develop the requisite skills.

  8. Personal Management

    Function responsibly in the everyday world, using Christian principles of stewardship, economy, and personal management.

  9. Aesthetic Appreciation

    Develop an appreciation of the beautiful, both in God's creation and in human expression, while nuturing individual ability in the fine arts.

  10. Career and Service

    Develop a Christian work ethic with an appreciation for the dignity of service.